Apple expands computer recycling program

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Apple expands computer recycling program

Cupertino (CA) – Starting in June, buyers of new Apple computer systems can have their old systems recycled for free. Apple is offering to pay all shipping costs and promises that the computer will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, the company says that no hazardous material will be shipped overseas.

Apple has had a limited recycling program since 2001, and has recycled more than 90% of the material it has collected. The company also has a drop-off recycling site at its Cupertino headquarters.

Electronics waste is a big issue these days, and other computer manufacturers have started recycling programs recently. Last month, Toshiba Canada announced it would give a free USB memory drive to people who turned in old systems for recycling. Other programs have also sent computer systems to special precious metals harvesting plants, where low-wage workers strip the gold, silver and copper from electronics.

Several states, including California, have passed electronics waste control measures that prohibit people from dumping old VCRs, televisions, and computers into the regular trash bin.