Intel launches Core Solo U1300, U1400 processors

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Intel launches Core Solo U1300, U1400 processors

Intel today launched two ultra low voltage (ULV) Core Solo processor at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, China. Gateway accidentally had released information about both processors on 30 May, when it announced the ultra-portable notebook E-100M.

While it wasn’t quite a surprise anymore, senior vice president David Perlmutter at least had the honor to officially introduce the new processors U1300 and U1400, which operate at 1.06 and 1.2 GHz, respectively and are rated at a thermal design power (TDP) of 5.5 watts – which compares to 15 watts of the Core Duo low-voltage processors and 31 watts of the regular Core Duo CPUs. Intel pairs the two new processors with the 945 GMS chipset.

Pricing of the two new processors is set at $241 and $262, respectively. Sources told TG daily that Intel plans to introduce an ultra-low-voltage version of the dual-core Core Duo as well. The “Core Duo U2500” is expected to launch during Q4 for $289.