Ubisoft to demo FPS for Nintendo Revolution at E3

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Ubisoft to demo FPS for Nintendo Revolution at E3

Ubisoft today announced the development of a first-person-shooter that will be made available for Nintendo’s upcoming game console “Revolution.” The new game, “Red Steel,” will be demonstrated at the E3 trade show and conference, which will open its doors on 10 May.

According to Ubisoft, Red Steel is set in Japan and will require from the user to “master both the ancient art of the katana and the sophisticated technology of modern firearms.” Ubisoft claims that the game will take advantage of the Revolution’s controller that is held in only one hand. “With the style and flair of a contemporary action movie, Red Steel will appeal to gamers who thirst for a new video game experience, as well as those who may have not previously considered picking up a controller,” Ubisoft said.