Intel Inside in cellphones in China

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Intel Inside in cellphones in China

Just a few months after ditching its long-running “Intel Inside” program in favor of the “leap ahead” phrase, Intel appears to be bringing back the previous campaign – at least partially and only in China.

According to sources, Intel and Motorola will be launching a total of four phones, which will see an “Intel Inside” sticker “prominently displayed.” The first phone to be offered with the logo will be the stylus-operated and Linux-based A1200 “Ming” smartphone that will integrate a PXA2700 Xscale processor. There was no information on the clock speed of the specific version of the PXA2700; however, according to Intel’s website, the chip is currently offered with up to 520 MHz.

The smartphones appear to provide quite processing power, as devices will be able to provide “real-time Chinese character recognition in addition to an array of PDA capabilities,” sources said.

Over the next few months, Intel and Motorola will launch three more smartphones. Intel considers the program in China a “pilot” from which the company hopes to draw conclusions on how the Intel brand “behaves in the smart phone space,” according to sources.