Lycos offers VoIP service

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Lycos offers VoIP service

Lycos is coming out with their own VoIP service to compete with Skype and Yahoo. Called Lycos phone, the service offers free computer to computer calling, instant messages and video chat. Unlike Lycos’ two main competitors, the service will also have video on demand and a built-in MP3 player.

The VoIP service will offer for free, several features that Skype and Yahoo charge money for. These include a U.S. phone number, fax service and sending voice mail messages as attachments to emails. Lycos is offering 100 free minutes of computer to traditional phone number calling. Afterwards Lycos will charge less than 1 cent per minute, which is about half of what Skype charges for their SkypeOut service.

The program is available for download and weighs in at 20 megaBytes.