Non-subscription anti-spam device debuts

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Non-subscription anti-spam device debuts

Spam Cube yesterday announced what it calls “the world’s first anti-spam gadget for home PCs”.

The device – also named Spam Cube – connects between a broadband modem and either a router or single computer and promises to stop up to 99% of all spam for up to four computers. The kicker is that, unlike similar services, the $150 device requires no ongoing subscription fee for its anti-spam function.

The company says the device works with most email programs running on Windows and Mac OS X-based computers. It also works with webmail accounts, but only when mail is downloaded into an email client such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

Spam Cube also offers an optional “Security OnDemand” service for $52 a year that uses McAfee and Symantec Norton anti-virus to flag mail suspected of containing email-borne viruses for deletion. The service also provides an “anti-phishing” service using Spam Cube’s own technology.

The product is available for pre-order now on Spam Cube’s website, with orders shipping within 30 days, according to a company spokesperson. He also said the product will be available in “all major retail store outlets” such as J&R Computer World and Best Buy in the April – May timeframe.