SCO puts former IBM executive in charge of sales and marketing

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SCO puts former IBM executive in charge of sales and marketing

The SCO Group today announced that it has named Tim Negris to head up its overall sales and marketing efforts as executive vice president. Negris, who joined SCO in summer of last year, previously was employed by IBM as vice president of marketing for IBM’s software business unit.

In his new role, Negris will be responsible overall marketing and sales, and will oversee public relations, events, customer support, professional services, as well as direct and channel sales, SCO said. Negris’ experience may be essential especially in a time where the company appears to be focusing more on building its core Unix business and prepares to expand into emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

According to its most recent earnings report, SCO continues to pursue its lawsuit against IBM. The case is scheduled for trial in February of next year. A second case against Novell is scheduled for a June 2007 court date.

Revenues of SCO keep declining as the company sees increasing competitive pressure in its Unix business unit and apparently a declining revenue stream from companies that were at least uncertain whether they owed SCO licensing fees for Linux products in use. In December of last year, the company reported a $3.4 million loss for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2005; total loss for the year was $10.7 million.

While the company was able to reduce 2004 losses ($23.5 million) significantly, the company’s financial assets and cash reserves are still running down at a fast pace. Compared to about $46.4 million in available cash reserves and short term investments available at the end of fiscal 2004, the company reported just $22.5 at the end of last October. Cash reserves dropped from about $12.6 million to about $4.3 million in the same time frame.