Podmaxx copies DVD movies to iPods

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Podmaxx copies DVD movies to iPods

The video enabled iPod has become a popular gadget to not only play music, but also to playback video files downladed from iTunes. But similar to the audio-only iPod, some users have been complaining about restricted access to content sources with their device. Especially the obvious function to copy DVDs to the device has not been an easy task to master. While several applications and guides have been published on the Internet that do just that – it is still widely unknown that DVDs can be copid to an video iPod.

Podmaxx is another option that allows users toe asily transfer video sto an iPod. The software works only with Windows 2000 or XP and requires iTunes 4.7 or higher as well as Microsoft’s .NET Framework 1.1. The manufacturer claims that the software transfers the DVD movie in, “perfect quality”, but there is no information what codec or bit-rate is used during the conversion. However, the company says that a 60 GB iPod can hold more than 150 hours of ripped video – which translates into about 70 DVDs.

Last October, Steve Jobs launched the new iPod with much fanfare. While Apple makes a decent profit on the hardware sales – the iPod business model is ultimately based on an iTunes service that convinces users to purchase an iPod – Apple is also belived to earn well with videos sold on iTunes. Apple may not be too happy to see third party software that circumvents iTunes, but Podmaxx is yet another option for to watch movies they already have bought – or potentially only rented – to their iPod.

Podmaxx Video is currently available as a download for $25.