Is Sony planning a PS3 online gaming service to rival Xbox Live?

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Is Sony planning a PS3 online gaming service to rival Xbox Live?

Foster City (CA) –Joystiq noticed this morning that a member of Sony’s PlayStation forum posted a scan of one page from an advance copy of PlayStation Magazine, which quotes an unnamed source as quoting another unnamed source, as saying Sony is planning an “full-on assault” on Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service. The scan was clear enough for Joystiq to blow it up and read the text therein, some of which includes the following:

‘It’s very real,’ one source tells us. ‘They (Sony) are dead serious about it. They’ve declared, and I quote, a ‘full-on assault’ on the latest version of Xbox Live.’

It’s difficult to know how to interpret this news, if indeed, it is news. The quote of the quote appeared in the “official” PlayStation Magazine which, enthusiasts presume to mean, is endorsed by Sony. However, while the story makes reference in the first paragraph to the position of the President of Sony’s Computer Entertainment division, Kaz Hirai, it does not refer to him by name. And since the quote refers to Sony in the third person, it’s clear it did not come from Hirai, or a regular Sony source. PlayStation Magazine is published by the VU Games division of Ziff-Davis Media.

What the article appears to be trying to get readers excited about, however, is the prospect of an online gaming service rivaling Microsoft’s, to be launched at or about the time that PlayStation 3 is expected to make its premiere, which is still believed to be in late spring.

At press time, spokespersons from Sony’s PlayStation division had not returned TG Daily’s request for comment.