Microsoft ruling won’t affect consumers – yet

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Microsoft ruling won't affect consumers - yet

Government attorneys declared last week’s antitrust ruling against Microsoft a victory for consumers, but industry watchers say the decision won’t have any immediate effect on the products buyers have to choose from.

With Windows-based PC prices nearing the $500 mark, analysts say it’s unlikely customers will opt for the higher-priced Macintosh or difficult-to-install Linux simply because a federal judge ruled Microsoft a monopolist.

“When it comes down to buying computers this Christmas, they’re going to buy Windows-based PCs,” said Tim Bajarin, president of San Jose, Calif.-based Creative Strategies Inc.

One big reason why is because more than 90 percent of computers come with Windows, a trend Bajarin says should continue even as the Microsoft case makes its way through court.

However, if the antitrust action results in Microsoft becoming less predatory and more innovative, consumers could see benefits in the future from a more competitive industry, analysts said.

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