AMD accelerates Athlon release

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AMD accelerates Athlon release

Advanced Micro Devices has moved up the shipping date of its 750MHz Athlon processor to the end of this year, and will deliver an 800mhz version of the chip in the first quarter of next year.

At its annual shareholders meeting, AMD chairman and CEO W.J. Sanders said the company has also begun demonstrating 900MHz Athlon chips, which require no special cooling technology.

AMD also revealed information about other upcoming products as well, including three new chips based on an “enhanced” Athlon core. One, code-named Thunderbird, will hit clock speeds of 1GHz and faster: another, code-named Spitfire, will target the value PC market while a third chip, code-named Mustang, will support a 266MHz system bus and up to 2MB of on-board cache.

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