Intel ships long-awaited i820 chipset

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Intel ships long-awaited i820 chipset

Intel today releases its long-awaited, much-delayed i820 chipset with support from several major computer makers who plan to use the technology in their newest PCs.

Compaq is unveiling four new additions to its DeskPro line that incorporate the i820 chipset, with prices starting at about $2,500 for configurations based on a 600-MHz Pentium III Coppermine chip, 128 MBytes of RDRAM and a 13.5-GByte hard drive.

IBM is adding the i820 as an option for its PC 300PL desktops and Intellistation E Pro workstations, while Hewlett-Packard unveils new i820 versions of its Vectra PCs and Kayak workstations.

The i820 chipset, originally scheduled to ship in October, utilizes new 133-MHz RDRAM memory from Rambus, which will sell for up to 40% more than PC 100 SDRAM, according to some estimates.

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