Gateway denies Athlon plans

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Gateway denies Athlon plans

Gateway 2000 denies having plans to ship a system based on AMDs’ Athlon microprocessor.

A holiday PC guide published by FamilyPC magazine listed a system allegedly supplied by Gateway with a 600-MHz Athlon. The “Gateway Select 600″ was said to be configured with the Athlon chip, 128MB of RAM, a 20.5GB hard drive, 6X DVD-ROM, a graphics card using Nvidia’s Riva TNT2 graphics chip, Creative Laboratories’ SoundBlaster Live sound card, 19” monitor, and high-end speakers, all for $2,499.

But Gateway says it has not committed to using the Athlon, and the Select 600 system has not been deployed. Rather, the system reviewed by FamilyPC was only a prototype, according to the PC maker.

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