Apple ships Cinema, fixes OS 9

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Apple ships Cinema, fixes OS 9

Calling it the biggest LCD ever marketed, Apple is shipping its 22″ digital flat-panel Cinema Display monitor.

Available exclusively through The Apple Store e-commerce site, the Cinema Display sells for $3,999. When bundled with the Power Mac G4, the total price comes to $5,598.

The Apple store is online at

Apple also posted a security patch for its Mac OS 9 Open Transport networking protocol, to correct a flaw that could leave networked Macs vulnerable to hackers.

Intruders could hijack the computers over an Internet connection, and use them to bombard other web servers with distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Macs are only vulnerable if they are running Mac OS 9 and are attached to “always-on” Internet connections, such as DSL and cable modems.

Apple has posted the patch, Open Transport Tuner 1.0, on its Software Updates Web page.

The story is online at