Linux will be first OS for Itanium

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Linux will be first OS for Itanium

Linux could be the first major operating system to support Intel’s 64-bit Itanium chip.

Microsoft publicly maintains that it will have a 64-bit Windows release ready when Itanium ships, an event that’s expected to occur in the third quarter of this year.

But an internal Microsoft memo, dated Jan. 1 2000, says the first version of Windows to support Itanium will be release Beta 2 of Whistler. The final shipping version of Whistler isn’t slated to arrive until March 2001, according to the memo.

Coupled with this week’s apparent falling out between Intel and Sun Microsystems over Solaris for Itanium, Microsoft’s timing could effectively make Linux the only viable operating system choice for Itanium when the chip debuts.

Details have been published in the story at