HP to unveil ‘slimmed down’ OmniBook

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HP to unveil 'slimmed down' OmniBook

Hewlett-Packard will introduce a new line of OmniBook business notebooks next month.

The OmniBook 6000 will measure 1.2 inches thick and weigh 5 pounds with a 14.1″ screen, or 5.2 pounds with a 15.1″ display.

Low-end models will include 500MHz Celeron processors, 64MB of RAM, a 5GB hard drive, 14.1″ display, 24X CD ROM drive, 56kbs modem and Windows 95 for $2,299.

The high-end version features a 700MHz Pentium processor, 128MB of memory, 18GB hard drive, 15.1″ display, 6X DVD and Windows 95 or 2000, and will sell for under $4,999.

More details are available at