Sega sinks Dreamcast pirates

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Sega sinks Dreamcast pirates

According to Sega, the game company has shut down at least 60 websites and 125 auction sites where pirated versions of its Dreamcast games were being sold. Sega also says it gained the cooperation of Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, eBay, and Amazon to stop the auction of illegal games and pirated “boot” disks. Long considered the most secure console system on the market, Sega’s protection scheme on at least a handful of its games was broken earlier this month by a group of hackers known as Utopia.

The successful hack is of great concern to manufacturers whose protection schemes for music, film and video are less robust than the Dreamcast system. Since it first learned of the vulnerability in its copy protection technology, Sega has added even more safeguards to their game discs.

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