Intel to cripple Celeron?

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Intel to cripple Celeron?

A writer for The Register, quoting an unnamed Asian source, says that Intel may be planning to restrict the Celeron 800MHz and beyond to 100MHz front side buses while moving Pentium IIIs to 133MHz and then to 200MHz front side buses. According to the article, the only reason not to move Celeron cores to high bus speeds is to create a market for the higher-end product. “Intel does not wish to find itself in the position it did a year or two back,” the article says, “when people were buying Celerons and snubbing Pentium IIs, due to the negligible difference between the platforms.”

The same article reports that Intel was pressured by its customers and partners to abandon its Rambus only strategy, implementing synchronous memory for use with the Pentium 4 (“Willamette”) microprocessor, out of fear that the higher-priced memory would be rejected by the mass market. In a related story, analysts have dismissed Rambus claims to have produced 1.066 GHz Direct Rambus DRAMs as “vaporware” designed to counter recent downturns in Rambus stock prices.

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