Intel exec links SDRAM to next-generation processors

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Intel exec links SDRAM to next-generation processors

Surprising many in the industry, Intel’s chief technology officer for the Architecture Business Unit announced that SDRAM will play a role, based on price, in future products including the Pentium 4. The statement was made last week in a meeting with press meant to raise interest in the Intel Developer Forum scheduled for the third week in August. The exec did, however, reassert that Intel still prefers Direct Rambus DRAM for the Pentium 4, which will reportedly debut this year as a high-end Direct RDRAM-only CPU. A cheaper version that will include SDRAM support will, sources say, follow in 2001. This is an about-face for Intel which said at the last IDF, a half year ago, that Direct RDRAM was the only viable memory for the Pentium 4. It was also confirmed that the Itanium will offer support only for 100-MHz PC100 SDRAM.

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