New Linux soon

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New Linux soon

Linus Torvalds, the Finnish programmer who started Linux and currently leads an international network of open-source coders who work on the program, told the Wall Street Journal that the next version of the operating system should be ready within the next two to three months. The announcement, not unexpected by Linux insiders, was appropriate nevertheless after a week of LinuxWorld in San Jose, a conference so successful that it is moving next year to a larger venue in San Francisco.

Torvalds said that the new version, scheduled originally for release last month, will be more appropriate to high-end multiprocessor computers and will do well in the business computer market. Displaying more restraint than many of his colleagues at LinuxWorld, he predicted that it would be at least five to ten years before Linux catches up with Windows in the PC arena. He added that his parents and sister prefer Windows to Linux. Many fans of the OS, however, have taken encouragement from the amount of corporate support expressed at LinuxWorld, though there is a certain friction between these newcomers and some of the old-school open-source types.

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