Tom’s Hardware credited with Pentium III recall

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Tom's Hardware credited with Pentium III recall

Tom’s Hardware founder Thomas Pabst first discovered and publicized the flaw in Intel’s 1.13 GHz Pentium III that has led to the current chip recall. (Read following news item for more information.) During last week’s Intel Developer Forum, Intel senior vice president and general manager of its Microprocessor Products Group told an MSNBC reporter that Intel had worked with Tom’s Hardware on the problem.

Intel’s initial reaction toward Dr. Pabst’s discovery that certain programs would not run on the chip was hostility. Nevertheless, Intel executives ultimately admitted the flaw did, in fact, exist. For Intel, the embarrassment comes at a very inopportune time, with AMD’s new fast chip hitting the market. The bill for the recall, however, could have been many, many $millions higher if more of the chips had shipped. It is not known at this time if Intel plans to reward Dr. Pabst for his contribution to the company.

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