Rambus schmoozes analysts

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Rambus schmoozes analysts

Rambus Inc., active on the media/public relations front, has held its first “analyst meeting.” According to one of those invited to the event, there was no real technological news revealed, but the company did brief the attendants on the status of its lawsuits and revealed a three-part strategy for the company’s success. The three parts of its strategy begin, reportedly, with convincing the industry that licensing its Direct Rambus memory is the best strategy for chipmakers. The second part of the plan is to lower the cost of the technology. If the first two parts of the plan fail, the third is to collect royalties on SDRAM technologies.

Rambus lawyers said the lawsuit against Infineon over SDRAM patents will begin on December 22, this year. A decision would follow three to four weeks later. The suits against Micron and Hyundai in Germany are scheduled for February 16, 2001 while the US suits should start in March or April next year. According to a writer for TechWeb, most of the participants came to the meeting believing that the Rambus business model is sound and left with their opinions confirmed. The courts, however, will ultimately make that decision.

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