Cell phone Java standard announced

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Cell phone Java standard announced

Sun has announced that it, with its business partners, has created the much-anticipated standard for cell phone Java operations. Those who will be using the mobile information device profile (MIDP) include Motorola, Nokia, LG Electronics, Nextel, NTT DoCoMo, SmarTone, EasTone, Telefonica, One 2 One and others. MIDP-enabled phones will be able to access various services such as online games and run programs that will create real-time stock charts.

In a related story, Sun has purchased Linux appliance seller Cobalt Networks, suprising many watchers who note that the move would seem to bolster Linux against Sun’s Solaris.

For more information on MIDP, go to theregister.co.uk and/or news.com. For more on Cobalt purchase, read news.com and/or techweb.com.