Nvidia discloses 2nd X-chip details

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Nvidia discloses 2nd X-chip details

Nvidia Corp. has revealed details of the second of its two chips that will go into Microsoft’s Xbox game console, along with a Pentium 3. The previously announced graphics chip is being followed by a media communications processor (MCP) that combines I/O, communications, and audio functions. A tailored version, called MCP-X, will appear in the Xbox but the general architecture will be used in chips aimed at future PC as well as information-appliance components. The Xbox is, in fact, designed to be an information-appliance as well as a game box. Nvidia clearly intends to use its Microsoft design wins to launch itself into competition with more established and mainstream chip makers such as Intel and Via. One observer notes, however, that PC audio chip maker Cirrus Logic is probably most threatened by the entry of Nvidia into its market.

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