Intel readying DDR-enabled chipset?

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Intel readying DDR-enabled chipset?

Two months ago, chip maker Infineon Technologies AG was hit by a patent violation suit by Rambus Inc. over the use of synchronous DRAM technologies. In answer, Infineon has counter-sued in a Richmond, Virginia court charging that Rambus has not only infringed Infineon’s SDRAM patents, it has illegally based its flagship Direct Rambus DRAM memory chips on Infineon patents. Infineon contends that Rambus used technologies previously patented by Infineon in its RDRAM designs, and cites the existence of technologies central to both synchronous DRAM and Direct RDRAM before Rambus applied for its patents.

In related matters, the Semiconductor Business News also reports that the litigation between Hyundai Electronics Industries and Rambus in San Jose federal court has been assigned to a mediator with mediation sessions scheduled for early next year.

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