P4 team shakeup at Intel

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P4 team shakeup at Intel

In an important policy change, the twelve-year-old Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of Carnegie Mellon University will begin publicizing, after a forty-five day delay, information it has uncovered about security holes. The move signals a move toward the center in the ongoing argument between those who want to hide the information security specialists discover about network vulnerabilities and those who want to publicize the information quickly, often with examples of the code needed to exploit the weaknesses. Movement from the other side of the argument has taken place, though it has been less dramatic. Bulgarian Georgi Guninski last week gave Microsoft 24 hours notice before publicizing a hole in Internet Explorer 5.5 that he says can be used to take over a targeted PC.

For more on the CERT change, go to For information on Guninski’s latest find, click