MS options Corel Linux services

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MS options Corel Linux services

Romanian scientist, Eugen Pavel, has announced a CD-ROM capable of holding 10 teraBytes of data, available as soon as 2001. A US company, Constellation 3D, revealed a similar technology, last year, called Fluorescent Multi-layer Discs, and is expected to demonstrate their own products in the next few months.

The technology uses “controlled extinction of fluorescence” to record data. A bit is written by exposing photosensitive glass to radiation, altering its fluorescence. While data is recorded only on the surface of standard CD-ROMs, so-called hyper CD-ROMs will accept data in more than 10,000 layers. Pavel says Hyper CD-ROMs can survive high temperatures and hold data as long as the disc glass survives, at least 5000 years.

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