Genome data overwhelms

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Genome data overwhelms

Intel Corp. CEO Craig Barrett says the Pentium 4 chip will ship next month, slightly ahead of schedule. Barrett also says the company will price the chip at whatever price is required to see that it sells in volume. If the launch comes off without problems, Intel will regain the “fastest microprocessor” status from Advanced Micro Devices Inc., which is shipping 1.2GHz Athlon chips. The Pentium 4 will reportedly run as fast 1.5GHz.

In related news, Barrett is backing off a bit from critical remarks made to London’s Financial Times about Rambus Inc., to whom he will be contractually bound for some time, and its memory technology. “Let’s desensationalize the quote,” he said when asked about negative Rambus comments. Barrett also told reporters in Taiwan that Intel has licensed un-named third-parties to make chipsets for the P4 though Taiwan’s Via Technologies, which is challenging Intel in the chipset sector, has not yet been licensed.

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