Sony to increase outsourcing

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Sony to increase outsourcing

Kingston Technologies Inc., a Rambus Inline Memory Modules (RIMM) manufacturer, has announced its plan to spend $75 million on a Rambus memory promotional program that includes rebates on its RIMMs. Like DIMMs and SIMMs, RIMMs are printed circuits that hold and connect memory to systems.

Kingston makes 64-MByte RIMMs and will, reportedly, sell two modules needed by the dual-channel 128-MByte Pentium 4 system for $180. While Intel Corp. will sell RIMMs to the major PC assemblers, it awarded a three-year contract to Kingston to make RIMMs for everybody else. The California-based company expects $200-$300 million in revenues from RIMMs in the next three quarters. Some analysts, however, say the primary reason for the rebate program is relationship building that will pay off when next generation memory developed by the Advanced DRAM Technology (ADT) alliance, led by Intel, comes to market.

Meanwhile, more confirmation is coming from industry leaks that Intel Corp. will support single- and double-data-rate SDRAM despite support for Direct Rambus DRAM in high end PCs. Intel will pre-launch its SDRAM-enabled Almador core-logic chipset in Q2 2001 supporting the Pentium III Coppermine-T.

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