DIMMs validation heralds DDR PCs

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DIMMs validation heralds DDR PCs

Last week when Advanced Micro Devices Inc. began to reveal its 2001 roadmap to a meeting of analysts, previously reported here, astute readers may have wondered what had happened to the Mustang microprocessor. The reason it did not show up is that AMD has dropped plans to manufacture the chip. Executives indicated that the Palomino, the Athlon successor aimed at desktops and 1- and 2-processor servers would suffice, unless the market demanded that the Mustang be resurrected.

At the same meeting, AMD revealed that the company would introduce the 64-bit Clawhammer in Q1 2002 for high-end desktop PCs and low-end servers. Clawhammer will, reportedly, be manufactured using a 0.13-micron process.

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