IBM ships G7 mainframes

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IBM ships G7 mainframes

When Webcasting start-up iCast failed. the open-source programmers it was paying to turn Ogg Vorbis into a free replacement for MP3 technology decided to continue the effort. Though most consumers don’t see the charges, MP3 is licensed and is paid for the use of the compression technology. Open-source coders hope to see their alternative get past beta status where it is now, but the leader of the Vorbis project says, “We’re sort of operating in battery mode right now.”

The technology is currently supported in the Sonique player and a plug-in is available for America Online’s Winamp player, with others waiting for version 1.0 before supporting it. Developers say 1.0 will exceed MP3 quality in every way, but analysts believe that it may be stopped by the owners of the MP3 technology who are likely to file patent violations suits against the effort.

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