MS Websites blocked fourth day

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MS Websites blocked fourth day

Many of the world’s largest automakers have turned to the open-source Linux and Java to solve their in-car system challenges. In the past, automotive companies produced their cars’ software in-house and protected it from competitors. Recently, however, Delphi Delco showed a Mobile Productivity Center using Red Hat’s open-source eCOS. Visteon has announced an in-dash MP3 player powered using embedded Linux. And Applied Data Systems Inc. plans a Linux-based embedded multimedia automotive computer.

DaimlerChrysler is showing a test version of the Infotronic in-car PC using a Linux-based OS by Red Hat Inc. and Java middleware. The system has front and rear seat LCDs, a wireless local-area network. DaimlerChrysler engineers worked with Sun Microsystems Inc. to develop the software that incorporates Red Hat Linux 6.2 OS and Java middleware that can be upgraded as changes in electronics demand. BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Motorola, Toyota and Volkswagen are also reportedly planning to use Java middleware.

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