DRAMa at the Platform Conference

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DRAMa at the Platform Conference

The partnership between IBM and Broadcom Corp., called ServerWorks, has announced that it can now double the capacity of existing memory. Within the year, the unit’s Memory Extension Technology (MXT) will be used in IBM’s xSeries servers.

The simple concept applies to memory the same dynamic compression techniques typically applied to storage medium like hard drives. MXT reportedly compresses data accessed by the server in memory with no measurable degradation of performance. The result is either twice the usable memory or half the memory costs per computer. MXT will be used in ServerWorks’ Pinnacle chipset and may be used in IBM’s hard drives. IBM is working with Microsoft and Linux vendors to put MXT support directly into operating systems. The technology will lessen in importance as falling memory prices reduce the memory component of computer costs.

For more information, read techweb.com.