IBM joins with biotech firm

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IBM joins with biotech firm

Lucent Technologies Inc. is launching a group, InPhase Technologies, to focus on holographic data storage. Researchers believe the high-density, rapid-access-rate technology will revolutionize data storage and provide a commercial solution for distribution of multimedia content. Lucent says it will spin off InPhase in three to four years.

Though holographic data storage has been studied for several decades, progress in simpler, magnetic storage technologies has diverted research resources. Moreover, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently stopped government funding of HDS research. Lucent, however, has produced a prototype with Imation that has encouraged the company to pursue the technology. Reportedly, 300 gigabits per square inch storage densities and transfer rates of “many tens of megaBytes per second” have been accomplished using DVD-developed lasers. Central to InPhase’s efforts is the use of a new, durable photopolymer with bit-storage characteristics. Other startups are also pursuing development of HDS.

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