Photographic film may yield storage breakthrough

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Photographic film may yield storage breakthrough

Over 40 module, motherboard and memory manufacturers, including Advanced Micro Devices Inc., gathered in Taiwan to attend the Via Technologies Inc. sponsored DDR Summit Conference. The consensus, not surprisingly, was that Double-data-rate (DDR) DRAM will prevail while Rambus will have to be satisfied with a small, specialty market.

EETimes reports that Infineon Technologies’ director of product marketing said, “We are strong believers that history keeps on repeating itself. And we have always seen the next architecture of main memory being successful [in graphics] first. The DRAM standard [today] for high-performance graphics is DDR and will remain so for quite awhile, so it is quite clear that DDR is the next standard for main memory and I don’t think anyone can say anything to the contrary. It’s just a matter of when it’s going to happen and how.”

In related news, insiders say that a flurry of the high-speed DDR PC2100 modules, currently in short supply, will be validated in the next month and a half. Also, Samsung Electronics has announced that it has prototyped the next generation DDR-II, though JEDEC has not finished the final DDR-II standard.

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