Universal and Sony move without Napster

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Universal and Sony move without Napster

Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., says Sony will soon end the shortage of the Playstation 2’s Graphic Synthesizer chip that limited shipments of the game console to only 8.2 million last year. Next fiscal year, which starts April 1, will see 20 million units produced according to Kutaragi.

Also, Sony will join with Sega Corp. and Namko Ltd. to bring broadband services such as games and movies to PS2s in Japan this summer. Before the service could be offered, the company developed the DNA-S copy protection system that reads a unique ID number from an optical disk before copying or downloading the disk’s content. “We could not propose a broadband service until we have a confidence that we do not repeat copyright issues that hit the music industry in the game and computer entertainment industry.”

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