Micro-Star MS-845E Max2-BLR

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Micro-Star MS-845E Max2-BLR

The MS-845E has several things in common with the Gigabyte GA-8IEXP – it supports a 400MHz/533MHz FSB, provides 4x AGP, three 184-pin DDR266 DIMM slots, an ATA100 interface and ATA133 RAID provided by the Promise PDC20276, six PCI slots, up to six USB 2.0 ports, an RJ-45 LAN connection via the Intel 82562ET networking PHY chip and a CNR slot. The 6-channel audio is provided by Realtek’s ALC650 and connectivity is enhanced by an IrDA connector and the Bluetooth module. There is a basic model (no “BLR” in the name) available that drops the RJ-45 LAN connector, the Promise ATA133 support and the Bluetooth module.

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