GIGA-BYTE Announces New Maya AF64DG-H 3D Graphics Card

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GIGA-BYTE Announces New Maya AF64DG-H 3D Graphics Card

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Today announced its new MAYA AF64DG-H graphics accelerators, powered by ATi’s New Radeon 9000 PRO graphics processors.

Featuring ATi’s the latest “TRUFORM” and “SMART SHEADER” technology, Gigabyte AF64DG-H graphics accelerators will provide powerful 3D performance for gaming. Shipping with 64MB double data rate(DDR) SDRAM onboard memory, AF64DG-H graphics accelerators will also provide excellent graphics accelerator performance as well as 3D quality for gaming.

MAYA AF series provides high-end performance to the mainstream graphics market at a competitive price point. MAYA AF series features four parallel, highly optimized rendering pipelines usually available only for the high-end gaming cards that significantly enhance performance and game-play responsiveness by doubling the pixel fill rate compared to the standard 2-pipeline architectures found in most mid-range products.