WSBN To Provide Live Internet Coverage Of UltraUnreal 2

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WSBN To Provide Live Internet Coverage Of UltraUnreal 2

The Web Sports Broadcast Network WSBN, One of the first internet based radio stations dedicated to online gaming, begins its three day live video and audio coverage of the premere gathering of Unreal Tournament enthusiasts. The coverage will include play by play reporting of the numerous tournaments offered at the event. Interviews with members of the Unreal Tournament community and computer hardware vendors will also be broadcast during the three day event. One hundered and eighty avid PC gamers are expected to compete for many prizes supplied by such companies as NVidia, AMD, Pyrinex, and Bawlz. Top prize at the event being a high end AMD computer system with a custom case designed by Steve Horch, of Crazy Paint.

Those interested in tuning into the live coverage should point their web browser to WSBN and follow the online instructions. Software such as winamp, is required for listening to the event, can be obtained from Winamp.

Of course our own David Stellmack from THG will be covering the event and be on hand to judge the “The Worst Case Contest”, and he will be filing a first hand report from the event.