Palm Cuts Prices

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Palm Cuts Prices

Palm cut the price m105 handheld from $149 to $99, the m125 from $179 to $169, the m130 from $279 to $249, the m500 from $299 to $199 and the i705 from $449 to $399. The i705 still includes a $100 rebate if consumers sign up for a one-year service contract for the wireless service.

Of course Palm did not cut the price of its m515 device, which remains at $399 and it remains the hot unit in the product family.

“The 515 has shown to be incredibly popular, so we are not cutting its price,” Kenyon Scott from Palm said.

In realted news, Sony is also planning on pushing toward lower prices with its $150 Palm OS based Clie PEG-SL10.