Danger To Delay Hiptop

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Danger To Delay Hiptop

Danger plans to announce that Hiptop, its combination cell phone and Web-browsing handheld, will not arrive in the US until late fall. Europeans will have a longer wait, until 2003.

Rumors continue that Danger, is in talks with Orange, the No. 2 European carrier, to bring the device to Europe in 2003. In the US, T-Mobile (VoiceStream) is said to be the first carrier to offer the company’s device.

Perhaps the Hiptop continues to be one of the most eagerly anticipated device that was previewed at many electronics and computer shows last year. The Hiptop includes a keyboard and a black-and-white screen that pops up for using e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger and the Internet. Most of the work of processing Web pages and other information is done by Danger’s servers, the device itself uses comparatively less powerful – and therefore cheaper – components than competing products.

Industry sources continue to say that T-Mobile will offer the Hiptop, which it will brand it as the T-Mobile Sidekick, with same cell phone minutes and unlimited use of data features such as e-mail and Web browsing for about $40 a month. Rumors continue that the Hiptop is designed to be sold for $200.