Palm Apologizes for Product Spectrum Shortage

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Palm Apologizes for Product Spectrum Shortage

Palm, Inc. has issued a statement that its m130 Palm does not, in fact, display all 65,326 spectrum colors as represented, but instead displays only 58,621 colors, amounting to a difference of 11%. This comes as a pretty big embarrassment to Palm, since Palm’s advertising slogan for the m130 handheld represents it to be “as colorful as your life.”

The color shortage was discovered by devoted Palm fans, who claimed that the m130 marketing literature was incorrect in the number of colors present. A Palm representative explained as part of its statement that Palm did design the m130 to display all 65,326 colors, but the m130 was, in fact, built so that not all of the colors would be displayed. Palm issued an apology to its customers, along with its statement, but has not offered a product recall or any type of rebate since the announcement. Palm’s stock price has already been in a free fall due to a slump in consumer demand for its products, along with the softening of the technology market.