Maxtor Atlas 10K III U320 Selected For Use In Dell PowerEdge Servers

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Maxtor Atlas 10K III U320 Selected For Use In Dell PowerEdge Servers

Maxtor Corporation, a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and data storage solutions, today announced that the Maxtor Atlas 10K III U320 was selected for use in Dell PowerEdge servers. With its U320 interface and 73 GB capacity, the Atlas 10K III helps meet the needs of Dell PowerEdge customers demanding fast access to their data. It transfers enterprise-class data at burst speeds up to 320 MB/per second, which is double that of the previous industry leading SCSI interface, the Ultra160.

Maxtor constantly works to deliver our channel and OEM customers a high level of performance reliability, said John Joseph, vice president of marketing for the Server Products Group at Maxtor. Our leading specifications underscore our commitment to our customers and integrators to offer a broad line of storage solutions and the most reliable hard drives in the industry.

With the Atlas 10K III U320, users have access to fast and reliable data transfer rates for use in applications such as streaming multimedia audio and video, video editing, data warehousing and web serving. With the additional bus bandwidth supplied through U320, applications will run faster, data will render quickly and mass amounts of information can be stored and processed seamlessly.

The Atlas 10K-III draws on proprietary Maxtor technology to boost reliability by guarding against failures from mistreatment during handling and integration. This translates into fewer product returns, lower cost of ownership and satisfied customers.