AMD’s 64-bit Resource Center

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AMD's 64-bit Resource Center

At the AMD Developer Symposium, AMD focused on the Linux and open source software and hardware development communities. Developers are participating in a range of technical presentations on the upcoming AMD processors based on Hammer technology.

“64-bit computing increases in importance as system memory configurations expand beyond four gigabytes,” observed analyst Nathan Brockwood. “Linux-based server shipments are increasing at a faster rate than any other server environment, and the Linux community will play an important role in driving the growth of 64-bit systems.”

AMD also provided tours of its soon-to-be-opened AMD Developer Center, a dedicated resource that provides software and hardware developers access to AMD’s technical expertise and systems based on Hammer technology. AMD technology partners will be able to access the center for development and testing of a full range of products and software, reducing the time and resources needed to realize 64-bit performance power.

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