3D Curling Game Released For The PC

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3D Curling Game Released For The PC

No, we are not kidding… Curling has now made it’s way to the PC in the form of the new release Take-Out Weight Curling. This title will represent one of the first ever 3D simulations of this traditionally Canadian winter sport, which has exploded in popularity across the globe as of late, especially since being featured prominently at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games.

Take-Out Weight Curling features include a Multiplayer mode which give you the ability to challenge curlers around the world over the GameSpy network. Perhaps most striking is the inclusion of all the sights and sounds of an authentic curling match, from the rumble of the stones as they travel down the ice to the loud screams of the skip as his final stone crosses the hog-line and into play during a critical end. Novices to the game and curling fanatics alike will find what they are looking for in Take-Out Weight Curling.

Take-Out Weight Curling was of course developed in Canada. Take-Out Weight Curling was developed in the small town of Viking AB, a town of around 1000 people outside Edmonton, a town that represents the rural roots of the sport where curling rivals hockey as the national pastime. The developer is Nathan Sorenson, a youth of 18 years working out of his family’s home. Nathan Sorenson will most certainly be one to watch in the future of 3D gaming. No word yet on what his next project will be, but it will be difficult to top the release of a Curling game.

For more information click here to check out the Global Star Software web site.