nVidia FlowFX Video

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nVidia FlowFX Video

nV News have recently uploaded a video to their website which features a number of product managers at nVidia thinking up new ways in which to advertise their FlowFX cooling solution. This is a video that Nvidia unveiled at its E3 bash in Los Angeles. The amusing part is that they are actually making a satire of themselves, comparing the solution to a Harley Davidson motor cycle, a weed whacker, and a hair dryer. If you’re up for a quick laugh, download the 4.6MB file here.

Update: It seems that all of the traffic that NVNews has had to accomodate since they uploaded the file has more than doubled their regular monthly bandwidth. Hence, they’ve removed it from their servers. “I removed the 4.7MB NVIDIA video clip from the server. During the past two days server bandwidth has risen dramatically and now stands at 200GB for the month of May. The most bandwidth that nV News has ever used in a month is 100GB.”