Memory Timing Analysis

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Memory Timing Analysis

Techware Labs have written up a detailed analysis on memory timing, analysing the performance of a wide variety of memory settings and finally giving us the scoop on which combination will yield the highest performance. If you’re an avid tweaker and know your way around the BIOS, this guide could save you a lot of time and effort.

“I decided that 4,608 different combinations of memory timings on my particular test bench was a tad bit too much testing, and created a methodology which would get a look at the general increasing performance of memory timings but had the downside of having an uneven number of data points for timings that were deemed “less-significant (more on this later). This methodology simplified the number of combinations down to a mere 289 combinations (which actually still is extremely time consuming, considering that the test computer has to be reboot after testing each combination).”

Check it out here.