QDI Announced i865 Motherboard

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QDI Announced i865 Motherboard

QDI have announced their latest motherboard based on the new Intel 865 chipset for the Pentium 4, the P4I865.

“To match its leading P4 CPU coming with 800MHz FSB and new processor of 0.09Ãm due to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, Intel has released the 865 series motherboard chipset supporting 800M FSB. The combination of motherboard with 865 chipset and Hyper-Threading technology supporting 800M FSB is no doubt one of the most appealing combinations this year.

Launched at the same time are the brand new QDI 865 series motherboard which includes 3 models initially: P4I865PEA using the 865PE chipset, P4I865GA with the 865G chipset, and P4I865PA with the 865P chipset. Based on the Intel 865PE chipset, the P4I865PEA supports P4 with 800MHz FSB and the new processor of 0.09Ãm (>3.60GHz). This model has impressive performance with AGP8X, dual-channel DDR400, Serial ATA, and IEEE1394. Additionally, 8 USB 2.0 ports, on board 6-channel 20bit AC’ 97 sound effect, and integrated 1GbE network adapter are also integrated onto this motherboard. Plus QDI’s proprietary technologies like the convenient over-frequency Pro-StepEasy, Pro-RecoveryEasy (for protection of computer data), Pro-UpdateEasy (for easy upgrading), Pro-LogoEasy (for customized logo), BootEasy, and BIOS-ProtectEasy, Hyper-Threading Detector, the user will enjoy individualized high performance while running the machine at a high-speed and stable platform.”