Microsoft: Wear the Web on your wrist

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Microsoft: Wear the Web on your wrist

Microsoft, along with watchmakers Citizen Watch, Fossil and Finland’s Suunto, on Thursday will show off their latest innovation, Internet wrist-watches! The watches are based on a technology dubbed “Smart Personal Objects Technology” (SPOT), a name given to any consumer electronics devices that can receive and display information from the Internet beamed over a nationwide FM radio network. “Among other features, portable SPOT products can adjust automatically to geographic changes. Rick Rashid, senior vice president of Microsoft Research, said his SPOT wristwatch shifts from showing Seattle weather to information about his new locale when he gets off a plane. Because of this, cars are emerging as another possible vehicle for SPOT, sources close to the company have said”. Although these watches are likely to be very expensive when first released, they will certainly bring us one step closer to a technology-dominated world. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you to decide.

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