New MechAssault Content Today

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New MechAssault Content Today

For the diehard Xbox Live MechAssault fans among us, Microsoft has just wrote in to inform us that there is new content available for the game via Xbox Live download. This includes:

New Maps

Demolition Town – This dense urban environment provides tight quarters for rampaging ‘Mechs. Elevated bridges connect the upper city blocks. (download size 1499 blocks)

Rock Solid – This not-so-stable asteroid has been hotly contested for its vast wealth of minerals. (download size 1247 blocks)

Jotenheim (for Capture the Flag) – Opposing forces make calculated raids across this frozen battlefield. (download size 623 blocks)

New Game Types

Giant Killers -The game type Giant Killers provides a rather unique combat experience of pitting numerous weaker combatants (Elementals) against a single very large combatant. The first player to bring down the Giant then becomes the Giant for the next round of fighting.

Scout Match / Team Scout Match – Scout Matches are similar to the Destruction and Team Destruction gametypes, but limited to Light ‘Mechs only, which are: Corvus, Elemental, Hackman, Kit Fox, Owens, Raven, and Uller.

Skirmish / Team Skirmish – Skirmish is also a variant on Destruction that limits ‘Mech selection to Light and Medium ‘Mechs only, which are: Corvus, Elemental, Hackman, Kit Fox, Owens, Raven, Uller, Cougar, Puma, Uziel, Belial, Vulture, Mad Dog, Thor, and Summoner.